About Us

thumbnail-image Metro Care, Inc. brings compassion and competent care together. We are here to bring to your home the quality care that you deserve. Let us care for your loved ones. Take comfort that we hold firm in our belief as guardians of your family’s health. We are guided by our Mission and Vision:


We aim to provide a quality home care service as a primary choice and alternative to any health facility and be able to meet the growing and non-medical necessities of these patients as we offer them continuous safety and security on their own conveniences and sanctuary.

We seek to assist and support patients in their daily health struggles and ensure that all required education and information towards a patient-centered home care plan is met.

We opt to be a remedy to their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social difficulties through our compassion, dedication, love and care injected accurately to all of our medical and non-medical services equally given to those in need without further discrimination and partiality.


We perceive a healthier community through a steadfast and unwavering quality non-medical health services as we provide additional comfort to their homes. In this manner, we share our vision to all patients who seek proper attention and care on an economical budget regardless of any personal circumstances. We embrace quality of life as we are taking care of you.